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Здесь вы можете скачать все формы заявлений на получение гражданства за инвестиции, чтобы ознакомиться с процессом подачи заявления.
Антигуа и Барбуда
Сент Люсия
Citizenship by Investment Application Form AB1 – Sample
Photograph and Signature Certificate Form AB2 – Sample
Medical Certificate Form AB3 – Sample
Investment Confirmation Form AB4 – Sample
Agent Form Form AB5 – Sample
Antigua & Barbuda Passport L Form (16 and older)
Antigua & Barbuda Passport M Form (Under 16)
Form 1 – Personal Information DOWNLOAD FORM
Form 2- Fingerprints DOWNLOAD FORM
Form 3- Particulars for the Office of Home Affairs DOWNLOAD FORM
Form 4- Medical DOWNLOAD FORM
Form 5- Employment Status DOWNLOAD FORM
Form 6- Investment Confirmation DOWNLOAD FORM
Guidelines for Application DOWNLOAD FORM
Document Checklist – SL1 DOWNLOAD FORM
Use of Authorised Agent Form – SL2 DOWNLOAD FORM
Statement of Alternative Citizenship – SL3 DOWNLOAD FORM
Investment Confirmation Form – SL4 DOWNLOAD FORM
Citizenship by Investment Application Form – SL5 DOWNLOAD FORM
Photograph and Signature Certificate – SL6 DOWNLOAD FORM
Affidavit of Support – SL7 DOWNLOAD FORM
Medical Certification Form – SL8 DOWNLOAD FORM
Photograph Guidelines DOWNLOAD FORM
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