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Grenada CBI
Visa-free acces to China
An opportunity to get an e-2 US visa
Advantages of Grenada citizenship
Visa free or visa on arrival access to 144 countries
Physical presence not required
No taxes on global income, dividends, wealth and inheritance
Enables investors to apply for the USA E-2 Visa
Ability to include children (up to 30 years old), parents and grandparents of any age, siblings (over 18 years old) in one application
Possibility to Work and Live in 6 other islands without any restrictions
Part of an Economic Union(OECS)
Download presentation to know everything about Grenada CBI
We have prepared a complete presentation of the Grenada Citizenship-by-Investment Program.

In it you will find all the benefits of citizenship, interesting facts about the country and all investment options.
Program Presentation
What about taxes and crypto?
Citizens of Grenada don't have to pay inheritance, wealth and capital gains tax. There is no tax rate on foreign income
Crypto-trading is not taxed in Grenada
traveling without a visa
Visit 144 countries visa-free or with visa on arrival
Visa-free access to European Union countries for 90 days in any 6 months period
Visa-free access to the United Kingdom up to 180 days per year
Who can obtain citizenship
Investment options
Non-refundable contribution
The Fund is responsible for financing projects supported by the Government of Grenada.
Funds received from CBI grants are redistributed in key areas and sectors of the country, such as tourism, agriculture, alternative energy, etc.
from $150,000
The government of Grenada has approved a list of real-estate projects, which investors can purchase for the purpose of obtaining citizenship.
Investment in real estate
from $200,000
Other fees
Due Diligence
$7,500 for the investor + $4,000 per each other person
Other fees
$1,161 for the investor +
$711 for each other person
4 week
Getting a passport
Issuance of Certificate of Naturalization and passport
3 month
Making investments
Once approved, the investor makes an investment within 90 days.
2 - 6 month
Due Diligence
We send the finished documents to the Grenada CBI unit.
You pay the Due Diligence fee, and an investigation begins.
10 days
Documents preparation
Our experts prepare lists of required documents for participation in the citizenship program.
We write all the forms ourselves and certify the copies, all you have to do is sign.
1 day
select investment option
We help you choose an investment option that suits your needs and our experts start the process.
1 day
preliminary check
We check your chances of obtaining citizenship and fulfilling the basic conditions of the program.
Step-by-step guide
Licensed agent
State License Grenada No. gcbi-ma-71
According to the legislation of the Caribbean countries, an investor cannot apply for citizenship on his own.
To obtain citizenship by investment, you must seek legal support from a licensed agent.
Our licenses →
Get a free consultation on Caribbean citizenship programs
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Caribbean citizenship
Оur address: Dubai Marina,
Park Island, Bonaire tower
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Оur address: Dubai Marina,
Park Island, Bonaire tower
+971 (4) 391-98-28
Do you prefer messengers?
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Do you prefer messengers?
+971 (4) 391-98-28
Оur address: Dubai Marina,
Park Island, Bonaire tower
Оur address: Dubai Marina,
Park Island, Bonaire tower
+971 (4) 391-98-28
Do you prefer messengers?
Download the presentation
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